The Hotel Nord Pinus Tanger sits on the highest point of the Kasbah, the historic center of the city.

Spanning the Rue Riad Sultan, the hotel rests on an antique Portuguese foundation built over the ancient Roman town of Tingis.

The unique location provides a breathtaking view of Tarifa, the Spanish coast, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

It is a haven of peace in the midst of an ever-changing town, a unique look-out onto Tangier and its museums of the Kasbah and Ibn Battuta.


Tangiers has always been a destination for travelers and personalities alike; among them Brian Jones, Tennessee Williams, Paul Bowles, Jack Kerouac, Barbara Hutton and many others.

The legendary rooftop terraces invite you to relax and welcome you to dive into the sea of lights cast by the town, the Sultan’s Garden and the Straits of Gibraltar. The seagulls seem so close, that you could almost touch them.